Saturday, 25 September 2010

friday 24th

friday normally starts with the exchanging of library books(diana, susan, hazel) at 11am; Art club 11.30 for anyone who is interested (usually Patty) and  a walk in the grounds ( Dorothy F, Hilda & Phyll.).

lunch was fish and chips (everyone's favourite)  At 2.15 Jon McDevitt came to play his guitar and sing to residents in the lounge.  He is a regular visitor - at least once a month - and has got to know everyone quite well.  Its an informal mix of music and chat with a few jokes thrown in - but he is young and good looking so the ladies love him!

Dorothy B and Rose offered to wind some wool (ready for the knitters to get started on some blankets) and were paid (in chocolate)  

after tea and cakes those who had the energy made it down to the games room for bingo with Christiane - started a bit later today because of the music but there was a good crowd (helen p and helen d, bob, marie, marian, phyll, susan and Doreen) and lots of prize winning! 

the weather turned chilly in the afternoon and I had a job to coax anyone to come out for a walk but finally Helen C and Pat gave in - 5 minutes & back to the lounge!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

pampering thursday

Thursday is pampering day - Charity the hairdresser visits every week but today we also had the services of a new manicurist called Catherine. Ursula had the first appointment and then went off to the salon to complete the experience!

We had a visit from Caroline at the Trinity Arts Theatre bringing us details of the next seasons' programme. we are supporting Trinity as 'Cherubs' as we feel its a worthy cause and our residents enjoy the venue.

also good news today, two new volunteers have come forward!  we now have a total of 9 people who are happy to give a few hours each month to enrich the lives of our residents.

Patty has been busy sketching - not able to show her sketch of the manicure session today on this blog as she used a soft pencil and it was not dark enough to show up on the scanner.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

walk in the grounds - tues

late afternoon, its still warm, sunny and a beautiful blue sky. Helen, Dorothy and Doreen came out for a walk around the grounds and get some fresh air.

Doreen had her hair permed today - she looks really good and was happy to have her photo taken. Helen wanted me to take her photo to show her sister that she has indeed had her daily constitutional!

the 'floating boaters' still not back from London yet...

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tea in matfield

hazel, marie, pat and marian were invited out to tea at a lovely tea shop in matfield called the Cherry Trees. the staff were so friendly and the setting idyllic we are sure to make a return visit.
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new clothes!

Patty is looking pleased with herself having just bought a nice new cardigan from a firm that visited mount ephraim yesterday selling clothes. They visit us twice a year and have a great selection of good quality separates etc.

She looks great in blue!
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day trip to london

all aboard the minibus at 10am for a trip to London. the residents and staff of mount ephraim were invited on a river boat excursion on the 'floating boater' by Phyll's son Robert.
Daisy was in charge of photos and snapped some iconic sights on the way

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