Thursday, 24 April 2014

Afternoon tea

Making the most of the lovely weather - Joan sat out on the patio this afternoon with her artwork, later joined by our TWGS volunteers. they had tea with Peggy, patty and Joan's daughter... Jon McDevitt came to play guitar and sing in the lounge today - he enjoys coming to MEH as he says he always gets a warm welcome! Jane was in for computer fun - showing residents how interesting computers can be and ways of using them. Then nadia finished off the afternoon with a general knowledge quiz. Charity the hairdresser changed her day this week and will be in tomorrow.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

After the Easter break...

Things are slowly getting back to normal- keep fit today and it was a full house! This afternoon heather kept the residents entertained with 'music for health ' session, a very lively event

Later in the afternoon it was warm enough for a stroll in the garden - martina did the full circuit but lucille and Joan opted for a shorter route and then they all met up for a chat!

Now the holidays are over our volunteers from school are back - Marie was happy to beat them at scrabble ...

It's st George's day tomorrow - we found some union jacks ( no England flags around) and decorated the home...very patriotic!

The wisteria has grown back after the building work a couple of years meant it had to be chopped down and I noticed today it has started to flower...
You will also notice the scaffolding - work starts on the windows soon so there is no parking at MEH for the time being..


Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Monday tea party

In the afternoon, after a walk on the common with Marie, Peggy and Pam tea was served on the patio in the sunshine. Ann and her daughter joined the party as did jean and her son, Joan and Peggy. Eileen stayed in the studio to finish her jigsaw and patty was at her drawing board
making us a new poster. The others were watching the film 'Emma' in the lounge
Eileen had heard that rain was forecast for the afternoon so we postponed our egg hunt until tomorrow - only to find it turned out warm and sunny after all!


Jean - our resident flower arranger

Jeans son came to visit today, they went for a nice walk on the common and came back with some lovely foliage. Jean cut bluebells from our garden and set about creating an arrangement for the table...



Farewell to Betty...

Betty has been at MEH for the past few weeks on respite and today it was sadly time to say goodbye... She has made friends and they came to see her off today, while sporting their Easter bonnets!
We do hope we will see Betty again - maybe on a day basis where she can join in with her favourite activities!