Friday, 17 June 2011

the blogging committee

i had some help today while putting today's photo's on the blog - pat, dorothy and jean came to keep me company in the lobby so of course they have been included in todays blog stories!
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caroline makes herself at home!

caroline and derek came to visit peggy today, bringing the customary g&t and bag of crisps from marks and spencer - they enjoy a weekly get together in the library. caroline agreed to pose with her mum and she will send details of our blog to julie and james!!
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full house today at bingo

everyone wanted to play today - we managed to fit in as many as possible with an extra table brought in for the latecomers!! lots of chocolate prizes today - that must be the reason for a good turnout.
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Thursday, 16 June 2011

margaret's new hairdo...

This is margaret this afternoon having just had a restyle at the salon! She was so pleased with her new look she was happy to have her photo taken - hope the family are watching!!
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Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party

today we held our annual Blooming Great Tea Party for the Marie Curie charity. Sheila provided a lovely supply of cakes, the staff brought in tea and joined in with the raffle, and Jon McDevit provided the entertainment by singing and playing his guitar to our very appreciative residents. Afterwards, we did the 'Marie Curie Tea Party Quiz' and pleased to say our residents got most of the questions correct!

the total raised for the afternoon so far is £20.00 and if anyone else would like to make a donation to this very worthy cause please let us know as we will be sending off our cheque on monday.
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the verdict..

each dish had to be given a score out of a possible 5 and the winner was paella and the desert.

everyone agreed it had been a fun afternoon and interesting to sample different dishes from around the world.

next challenge will 'ready steady cook' with our 3 chef's.. watch this space.
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happy customers!

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taking this taste test very seriously...

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food tasting session at meh today!

as part of our 'food glorious food' week, we invited a local company in to do a taste test!

on the menu was paella, minestrone soup, thai green curry (which was very popular) beef in black bean sauce, sweet and sour chicken and a valetta desert.
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monday 12th june

a snapshot of the vegetable garden today and the new 'greenhouse' has been put up.

residents were able to enjoy some fresh air in the garden today, albeit in coats!

elizabeth and joan came to entertain in the morning - lots of stories and chat about life in general over coffee. later sue came to take reminisence hour and the theme today was transport which stirred lots of good memories and anecdotes.

val tried very hard with the computer lessons but was hindered by our wifi connection - which for some reason was not very good today... however, hester, sheila and sue enjoyed their time getting used to the rollerball instead of a mouse and are looking forward to next session.
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