Thursday, 14 February 2013

happy valentines day

we decorated the corridors a couple of weeks ago; some of the residents cut out and painted paper hearts to hang on our sparkly tree's around the home, karen bought everyone a chocolate heart and we ordered a dvd copy of 'brief encounter' to show in the lounge this afternoon for the romantics amongst us!  of course, everyone has seen it before, but a long time ago... choc ices were served half way through but tea didnt come til the very end so as not to spoil the finale!  some residents received visitors today and some even had flowers delivered!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

where is everyone today?

all seemed quiet this morning...but on further investigation I found marie,eric, philip, helen,patty,marise,hester,eileen,etc in the library for monthly communion; Paula,the manicurist was in the salon to do mary's nails, followed by Joan; janet the masseuse was visiting audrey, iris and lucille today and win was enjoying coffee in the foyer (in peace) meanwhile, in the lounge Di and Sheila were entertaining denis, susan, helen c and helen d, olive, jean, doreen, anne, marjorie and dorothy with a sing-a-long session where tea and cakes were provided along with the marracas! later, we brought out the sherry but it didnt improve the singing!

tea party on shrove tuesday....

...with special guests Vivienne and Joan.


....means pancakes!

Monday, 11 February 2013

2013 - the year of the snake

To mark the beginning of the chinese new year, the residents found a fortune cookie on their side plate at supper tonight - lets hope their wishes come true!

"the snake is an interesting person, sexy and seductive with a hint of danger behind that beauty.
So watch out for that snake person - one of the most popular of the 12 chinese zodiac animals!
if you are lucky enough to be a snake person, use your talents to have a great 2013"

without giving away their dates of birth, we apparently have four 'snake' people at mount ephraim, grace, marise, lucille and olive.