Saturday, 29 January 2011

happy birthday Helen! - saturday 29th January 2011

looking good!

friday jan 28th

newsletters and invitations to Oscar night being prepared to send off today - lucille kindly assisted, while helen, marie, doreen, marian, phyll and susan played bingo with Christiane.
Patty wandered down to the library for another book, to find a jigsaw puzzle in progress and couldn't resist having a go - its quite addictive!
helen c had some visitors (its her birthday on saturday) as did peggy and win.

wishing Helen a very happy birthday!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Visit to the Trinity Art gallery

today we arranged a trip to the Trinity Arts Theatre in tunbridge wells; to look at the latest exhibition in the gallery and to have tea in the cafe.

A really interesting and diverse collection of art caught the imagination of our residents, lucille, patty, marie, gordon and marian, who were joined by Julia, one of our volunteers, and carer Hollie.

This exhibition was entitled 'snapshots from the mind of an artist' by Tim Edmonds. everyone seemed to find a painting they especially liked, and provoked much discussion. to our delight, the artist suddenly appeared to answer our questions on the various pieces and agreed to pose for us too.

we told him that we would be featuring him on our 'blog' today!

if you want any more info please visit his website:

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happy birthday Iris

Iris celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday with the help of her friends and fellow residents and staff at mount ephraim house. Here she is blowing out the candles on her beautiful cake, being applauded by the residents! A special day for a very special lady.
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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

computer training

Val, our computer tutor came today and helped marian get 'online' using her own laptop. she was able to surf the net and check out google earth...

meanwhile, marie was using the meh computer to look at history of tunbridge wells, in particular the site under threat for redevelopment- the civic centre in the centre of town.
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Robert Burns celebrations

we broke with tradition today by celebrating Burn's night at lunchtime! Hilda came with me to the Tunbridge wells library to collect some books on scotland, robert burns, a dvd of coast and a cd of robert burns songs.

after a lunch with a scottish theme, we held a quiz in the lounge, read a poem by robert burns and finished with a round of auld lang syne!!
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morning entertainment

An enthusiastic Madge joins in with the musical session this morning, with her marakas!
Win, jean, ursula, helen c, patty, pat k, also joined in. Keep fit followed so everyone was ready for their coffee break at 11.30...
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thankyou nick

Posted by PicasaPhyll's son Nicholas sent us these lovely spring bulbs as a thankyou to the MEH staff, as he was leaving to go home to New Zealand.  He said they would remind us that spring is on its way! What a lovely thought!

Monday, 24 January 2011

start of another week.......

Monday, 24 January 2011

start of another week...

called in to sainsburys on my way to work today to pick up MORE flowers!  really lovely spring tulips amongst the bouquets today.  the home looks and smells really welcoming with all the blooms so thanks again to the kind people of sainsburys (denise in particular) who are donating them to us at the moment.

New resident Sheila is settling in well; usual monday morning get together of residents in the library with the volunteers, for a chat over coffee. Sue was back from her skiing trip today and held a reminisence session in the lounge