Saturday, 10 November 2012

rememberance day

production line...

marie and patty busy making xmas cards ready for the fayre on thursday - 2pm-4.30pm in the games room - thursday 15th november after the relatives meeting at 1pm. 
hope to see everyone there! RSVP so we can arrange the catering...

lovely smile...

from Grace - she just got her poppy for rememberance day!

iris on the ipad

Iris learnt a new skill on her ipad today - courtesy of our newest volunteers, Bina and Lulu!

saturday club...

...with Di and Sheila... this week the girls helped the residents to decorate fairy cakes using a variety of exciting products - glitter, sugar flowers and special cup cake icing and lots more. the results are gorgeous as you can see from the photos and these cakes will be served with afternoon tea today.

Friday, 9 November 2012

friday fun...

we have had visits from relatives, dogs and volunteers today, communion,scrabble, connect 4, cards, bingo, a general knowledge quiz, and to round off the day - Peggy J's daughter arrived with wine, nibbles and a big box of thorntons chocs, to entertain the residents in the games room with music from the 40's. joan enjoyed connect 4 and Lillo taught grace how to play tension tower!  we then had a game of poker but not for money of course!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

celebrating firework night..

as it was a cold night, we decided to have an indoor firework display!  karen bought a DVD of displays from around the world, all set to music.  we did have some sparklers for outdoors but it was only the staff brave enough to stand outside the dining room putting on a show for the residents while they had supper.