Thursday, 15 December 2011

the MEH Residents Christmas Party 2011

some pictures to be going on with...more to follow

it was a lovely evening, great food, lots to drink and doug wake got everyone into the christmas spirit with some hearty carol singing..
thank you to everyone who turned up!
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

music for health...

heather is from 'music for health' and aimed to get our residents into the christmas spirit
starting with the colourful party hats! soon everyone (or nearly everyone, grace preferred to keep knitting!) was making music, joining in with a music quiz and listening to a variety of music designed for residents well being, finishing with some breathing and relaxation techniques.
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meanwhile, christmas calenders...

while the music therapy was in full swing, this is the work of hilda and 'new girl' June, who were encouraged to paint some christmas tree templates and add a 2012 calender to give as a gift..just waiting for the paint to dry.
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christmas crafting with julie

iris, marie and marian had a go at filling glass baubles with some lovely glittery/feathery bits - and we put them on the christmas tree in the foyer for all to admire...
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Monday, 12 December 2011

chocs away!

elizabeth and joan paid their last visit before xmas, bringing with them cards and gifts of chocs and special biscuits for residents to enjoy.

on behalf of all the residents and staff at meh, we wish them both a very happy, relaxing christmas and look forward to seeing them in 2012 for more anecdotes, poetry and gossip!

all weather studio...

 electricians put the finishing touches to the studio on friday and we now have heat and light so no excuse not to be creating masterpieces at any time! patty especially will be pleased!