Friday, 14 January 2011

karen on bbc radio kent today

karen was interviewed by Julia George today on radio kent.

beccy's dance troupe

the first dance class of the New Year - Beccy agreed to pose with her regular's at the end of the session - even though Win, Doreen and Phyll had just made their getaway!

pictured with beccy are ursula, margaret, jean, pat and helen. Jean particularly enjoyed today's session as she used to dance quite regularly and was very fit and she said it brought back lots of happy memories.
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the last shot of the week!

This was the last scene that the film crew set up at Mount Ephraim. With Marion's permission, they used her room and she of course was the star of this particular episode. Also involved were Daisy (hiding behind Simon, the programme director) and Nikita.

It has been an interesting week and the residents and staff have really enjoyed the experience. Just waiting now, for 23rd February for the 'film premiere'... invitations will be sent out, and we look forward to seeing you!
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

meet the flower arrangers...

here is our little band of willing flower arrangers - ursula, pat, marie and patti, with susan looking on.
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flowers from sainsbury's

one of the relatives told us about a scheme at sainsbury's where they supply fresh flowers to care homes on a 'rota basis' free of charge! we phoned to enquire and were told that there was a batch of flowers available today if we could collect after 12.30. We are now on their 'list' and when its our turn again they will let us know.

I returned with a mass of gorgeous flowers which some of the residents were quite happy to help arrange into vases - for the tables, the lounge and some of their own rooms. so far we have filled over 25 vases, with more to go- but we were exhausted by then so we will arrange the rest tomorrow. many thanks sainsbury's what a lovely idea and much appreciated.
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still filming at 5pm!!

the last 'shot' of the day was set up in the foyer, and Hilda agreed to have a role in this - she had to sit in a wheelchair and have Sharon push her 'into position' sharon asked me to make sure i got her 'good side' so hope this does her justice! she is playing the part of 'bad carer' today which she and the residents are finding to be a lot of fun..
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a starring role for karen

this morning, filming started in earnest for the 'care channel' and karen was one of the first to be 'interviewed' in her office...
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Monday, 10 January 2011

variety hour

Sue joined the residents this afternoon for the regular 'variety hour' - quiz, chat about current events and a few funny anecdotes. We push all the chairs back around the room so that Sue can see everyone and they can interact with her - its a popular activity and there were no seats left once she had begun the session!

This week, a crew from 'The Care Channel' are filming a series of situations for a training session due to go out live to care homes around the country. All residents who wish to take part are invited to do so and this morning there was a clamber for 'parts' - hope no-one is disappointed.

I have asked if I can take photo's of the crew filming and they said yes - tomorrow would be a good day, so will keep you posted!
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Sunday, 9 January 2011

pontoon champ!

meanwhile, Pat beat me at pontoon, think I need more practice.
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back to bingo sessions after the christmas/new year break with Christiane and she had a good turnout, with lots of new prizes!
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