Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday - ray of sunshine

Amazing to see some sunshine and blue sky today... Martina, lucille, Mary p all ventured out for a walk. Visitors arrived, chiropodist came, knit 'n natter in the library, music and quiet time in the lounge, fish and chips for lunch and bingo with Christiana this afternoon ...then the quiz!

Joan's family played a game of pinball - the concentration on Joan's face is priceless- she beat them by a mile!

We made a start on decorating the Home with the hearts we are making for valentines day; Margaret helped thread the wool and hung the hearts on the lit trees. Very pretty
There are daffodils at reception and it feels like spring is around the corner.

oh, and it was 'wear red' for heart foundation day - we had to wear something red for work and donate a pound for the privilege.  a quick trip to Sainsbury's on the way to work ensured I had the requisite outfit - not sure I will ever wear it again but all for a good cause!! Karen was in a red suit and gary of course had his red ensemble (shame about the shoes)... wonder how much we raised today...

Monday, 3 February 2014

Staff (post) Christmas meal

We went to Palio's on Thursday evening and had a lovely meal ... Good fun to get everyone together