Saturday, 16 March 2013

garden renovations are underway

julian, our gardener, has taken these photos to show the progress of the current garden transformation- new fruit trees, an extension of the garden path so that residents can do a circular tour without any steps or 'dead-ends' and the new water butt installed to conserve water.  really exciting work going on and should all be ready in time for the summer! 

Friday, 15 March 2013

friday march 14th

wet and windy today, but didnt stop the gardeners cracking on with the garden renovations - they were pressure hosing the patio and getting the vegetable garden ready for sowing...Thomas our 'PAT' dog paid a visit and anne tried her hand at some painting. mary said she had forgotten how to play the piano (she was right) and then announced she would like to learn to play the yukele (any offers?) christiane our friday volunteer came to call the bingo followed by a general knowledge quiz which is always popular.  Izzie and James came from school to visit the residents - they ended up playing scrabble with mary and i think james won this time!

and this is how anne's picture turned out, amazing.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

happy christmas karen!

...karen's christmas present was delivered by hand today ....better late than never....

watercolour collage

julie visited today for an art session. she was joined by phyl, patty, marise, marie, eileen,ken and lucille - all enjoyed playing with paint and trying out new techniques.  this is the basis of a collage entitled  'living by design' which residents will finish over the next few weeks.

meanwhile, jane was in the library, giving computer lessons to hester & iris, and later, after their art session, marie, eileen and ken. Marie was keen to find (out using google) what  the 'Aintree Iron' was/is.There are so many possibilities but she is not sure which one she prefers!  Hester has found lots more long lost relatives...sorry denis, you didn't get a turn today but jane will see you next time and you will be first in the queue!!

charity was here in the salon, with a full client list and audrey, joan and helen p had visits from their daughters' today; wins' son came by too...

keeping the students amused!

on wednesday afternoons, our lovely students from the local schools,come to visit residents.  Joan, Jean and Phyl are good fun and enjoy trying to beat Beth and Anthony at connect 4 or pin-ball.Then its time for a cup of tea and a chat before they head home to do their homework...