Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sir Guy comes out to watch the display

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firework night

bonfire night at MEH - our kind volunteers arrived with lots of exciting fireworks and put on a fantastic display for our residents who were sat in the lounge overlooking the garden and could watch proceedings in the warm.

gordon, peggy & sylvia  braved the chilly night, but it was well worth it. 'Sir Guy of Ephraim' was on standby for going up in smoke, but reprieved at the last moment as it was quite windy this evening and we didnt want to set the garden alight!

if anyone needs a guy for their bonfire party, please get in touch...

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

happy birthday ladies!

Wishing a happy birthday to Patty and Margaret - hope you have a lovely day with lots of prezzies, cards and cake!
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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

dug pays a visit

lovely autumn monday morning. I took Dug the westie into work today to see the residents - he was very good and enjoyed all the attention.

elizabeth came in to read poetry and play some specially selected music she had put onto her computer - patty, susan, marjorie, dorothy, marie, pat, doris etc had a very relaxing and enjoyable morning.

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penny for the Guy?

here we proudly present:
Sir Guy of Ephraim - who looks quite at home here. Peggy came along to see the finished result and was most impressed. marie and phyll had gone off to 'reminesence session' in the lounge, with Sue (which is always a popular hour)

we asked Patty to make a sign to put round his neck, asking for donations for our firework fund, and he will be sitting in the foyer from tuesday afternoon and will meet his fate on thursday evening.
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making the Guy

monday afternoon's art and craft class - we are making the Guy ready for our bonfire and firework party on thursday evening (all welcome to come and watch) Iris did the hands, pat did the feet, gordon and phyll did the body and marie did the legs!

it was a real team effort and great fun.

we then had to choose a name for him...
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