Saturday, 7 January 2012

play your cards right!

friday afternoon bingo with christiane, followed by a festive themed quiz which this week celebrated the last day of christmas. doreen and olive joined in later, but pictured here are helen, susan,phyll,ann,marie, patty, lucille, eric and philip -

meanwhile, jean and joan played their cards right with the boss!
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Friday, 6 January 2012

sunset, just

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anyone for scrabble...

eric, sheila and marie, taking this game very seriously! Patty was also playing but nipped out to have her hair done half way through so missed out on the photo call. very impressive result with everyone using all their letters, covering the whole board and very respectable scores - think they all tied in the end for first place!
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another satisfied customer...

jean has just had her hair styled in the salon!
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first signs of spring?

blue sky and sunshine today (at least for a while) and the first signs that spring is in the air appeared at mount ephraim house - freshly mowed lawn, indoor spring bulbs on the window sill and first flowers in the garden...
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computer research...

olive enjoyed researching family history today, with Jane our regular computer instructor. later Hester, marie, and iris spent time with jane on their particular favourite subjects.
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

back to work with 'motivattion'

cathy came today for the first motivation session of the year - well attended class!!
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jigsaw therapy!

someone has been finishing the jigsaws!! one is a lovely 1960's toybox puzzle and the other, an old fashioned sweets puzzle - very nostalgic!
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