Friday, 17 December 2010

another snowy day!

snow caused chaos today - no bingo, no music man - residents had to put up with 'the King and I' for the afternoon instead!!  tunbridge wells was almost at gridlock this afternoon, as the snow came down suddenly quite heavily and then the roads froze over!  did manage to get a few more xmas decorations up, but hopefully we will finish them off next week.  At least the tree is up in the foyer (courtesy of Julian the gardener) which looks lovely.  lets hope the snow disappears before the meh xmas party next wednesday!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

the choir comes to meh

today the residents and staff were treated to a delightful musical experience from the Tunbridge Wells grammar school. 24 schoolboys arrived, some with instruments, and entertained our residents with music and carol singing for over an hour. everyone enjoyed the experience (including the boys!)
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trip out...
wednesday morning we set off for a trip to millbrook garden centre in jarvis brook for a bit of shopping and lunch. our minibus arrived, and pat, phyll, marian, marie, susan hs, hilda, and jean clambered aboard for the short trip.   we had a cup of tea and lunch first, then had a look at the various items on sale - lots to look at but the not the most convenient of places for our residents as it has been built on a slope and there are lots of steps and ramps inside! 

didnt get a chance to take any photos but if you click on the link you will see where we went.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

making the decorations...

Julian, our gardener, cut us lots of greenery so we could make some christmas garlands and wreaths for mount ephraim... today in the music room, we set about cutting the foliage into small bunches (as shown to us by Julie) and started on a garland for the staircase.

marie, marian, ursula and iris joined in - while robert and patty hand painted some of the christmas ornaments we bought which will go on the tree.
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keep fit circle

the residents look like they were having fun today during Sue's keep fit session.
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