Saturday, 18 January 2014


Another week flown by, still raining but at least it's not too cold and everyone is in good spirits... Gary brought in his puppies to show the residents today - only a few weeks old and soooo sweet... Think Karen may try to adopt one!! Pictures to follow...

The knit and natterers met in the library - we have enough squares for another blanket (any offers to see them all together gratefully received!) bingo, scrabble , colouring and quizzes etc going on during the day while the senior care staff blitzed the office ...

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Show and Tell- jan 2014

Our new year show and tell got off to a great start today... I'm always amazed at the variety of interesting things our residents bring along...

This time we had a beautiful spoon from Eileen with a fascinating family story, a very old and beautiful plate, a still life sketch, a painted pebble and lovely knitting.... Mary surprised us by revealing she has a bridge named after her and Eileen persuaded her to show and share with us an amazing Christmas present she received from her daughter....the most beautiful quilt made from her late husbands shirts. It was a very emotional moment and brought a lump to our throats... But then in true Mary style she made us laugh by revealing that she didn't care for one of his shirts but he liked it so she never said anything!!

We had tea and chatted about childhood memories and then of course it was time to clear away so Marie and the others could watch 'pointless' !!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chinese lanterns...

After an exhausting morning of keep fit (!) we decided on a more leisurely activity this afternoon - making paper lanterns - in preparation for our Chinese New Year celebrations. We used papers that our residents had painted, coloured in or collaged, and the results are stunning! So many took part - we had something of a production line going with Marie at the helm! Afterwards we did a 'team' quiz which was fun - even patty's visitor joined in!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Dart Champions at Mount Ephraim House

on Saturday Di and Sheila hosted a dart competition  in the games room - staff and residents joined in the fun and were rewarded with coffee and homemade cakes!