Saturday, 2 October 2010

getting ready to go...

Bob is in pole position while the participants gather outside Mount Ephraim.

We arrive at the start line on Tunbridge Wells Common, as Grant (from the Courier) takes the group photo's.

sponsored walk

saturday 2nd october the greensleeves sponsored walk arranged by Sharon and Nikita. Grant from the Courier kindly set up this picture of the participants of the race which included staff, residents plus friends, family and neighbours. Bob on his scooter started the race and completed 4 laps of the course - a total of one mile. Robert (and sister Hester) dymphna, phyll, marie,Patty, dorothy, marian and susan h.s. also completed their laps - we are very proud of them.

so far, the event has raised over £500 - but it is not too late to contribute if you would like to...please contact Nikita or Sharon at Mount Ephraim.

thanks also to Nikita's family and friends, Sarah's family and the kind ladies from chartwell lodge and chancellor house, plus claire and peter who live locally,eric, helen p and renee, Sharon, Prince, Michael, Heidi and her girls and of course Karen and Pat and Sharon's husband who set out the course.

we were so lucky with the weather - it was just perfect for the event and promptly rained heavily as soon as we were all safely back indoors enjoying a hot drink and biscuits!

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Friday, 1 October 2010

indian themed night

friday night was curry night at meh. we decided to hold a themed evening as no one wanted to go out because the weather was so awful and it had been a fairly uneventful day... apart from  dance class and library/bookclub in the morning.   it was too wet for anyone to go out for a walk. marian and dymphna needed to go into town this afternoon for some essentials but it wasn't conducive to window shopping!

after Christiane held the weekly bingo session we  laid up the table for an indian take-away, complete with candles, mood music and books on india to browse through! wine and lager shandy was served and eric joined patty, phyll, dymphna, olga, marie and bob for a drink.

we did a quick general knowledge (of india) quiz before everyone retired to watch eastenders!

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Thursday, 30 September 2010

here they are!

see below!
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good hair day


Madge and Helen  pleased as punch - just had their hair done in the meh salon! Charity was on holiday this week, so my sister Diane stepped into the breach (with her assistant Victoria) and managed to keep the clients happy!!
another new volunteer (Julia) came along this afternoon to play scrabble with Helen, Iris  and Doreen - not sure who won but it was probably Helen - she is very hard to beat! Madge had a visit from her priest to take communion and everyone else was doing their own thing...


views of Burrswood, taken today. We were lucky to have the services of 3 volunteers today
and Susan, Marian, Patty, Pat, Dymphna, Marie, Hilda, Sylvia and Phyll were able to
visit the chapel, the bookshop and walk through the grounds.

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birthday girls!

we celebrated Marie and Hilda's birthdays today

during a trip to Burrswood.  Another gorgeous

Autumn day - after tea we were able to sit outside

and admire the fabulous views from the terrace.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

tuesday 28th

Marian decided to wash the place mats after lunch - she looks quite happy in her 'marigolds'

a visit to Pashley Manor was arranged for today - before it closes for the winter -

the grounds are spectacular, the sculptures amazing and we were able to sit outside on the terrace for tea.
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Monday, 27 September 2010

monday morning

down in the library, volunteers Elizabeth and Joan have gathered some residents together for the weekly gossip, reading of poetry and anecdotes.

Julian the gardener has been busy at the weekend, getting the garden ready for Autumn - it was so lovely out on the patio but not quite warm enough for anyone to sit outside...

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