Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday heat wave!

Perhaps a bit too hot for some today,but it was also quite exciting with the tennis on in the lounge and many stayed put for that!  Christiane our volunteer did drag herself away from the tv to call the bingo and host the quiz for which we are very grateful!

this morning, Pam arrived with Thomas (the PAT dog) and she did the rounds, stopping off for coffee on the patio with mary and peggy.

knit and natter in the library today - a lot of nattering but not a lot of knitting! mary p had a friend visit so I think Eileen and marie did most of the work!

Pam brought in some dog'cardigans' and a pattern which she thinks we may be able to knit - maybe in time for the autumn/xmas fayre!  tigger is seen here modelling the cardigan - looks very good on him - do you think they will catch on?
a trip to sainsbury's today for john to do some shopping and then a well deserved strong, black filtered coffee!

late afternoon, and patty, marie and phyl take a stroll around the back garden, inspecting the veg patch before supper.  end of a perfect summer day!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thursday celebrations!

American independence day - cakes, flags and bunting, but didn't get a chance to do the 'quiz' as it was tennis from Wimbledon on the tv ......exciting matches!

Annette's last day - she gave us a big box of chocs to share..............
jean had her hair done today.............looks lovely

Annette presented a card to the staff (and one for the residents) to show her appreciation for her time at MEH while on her social worker placement. we have enjoyed having her and she will be sorely missed

patty and I inspected the vegetable patch this afternoon...........
and then patty decided to sit in the cool sun of the late afternoon and sketch some plants

and was later joined by the latest new resident (mary h) for a chat
a view of the sundial and veg plot

a cheery delivery chap- bring supplies to the kitchen................

a view of the art studio from a different perspective

this morning started with computer lesson for Eileen, on her own laptop

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Happy birthday Mary H

Mary is the newest girl on the block and today just happens to be her birthday. Daniel brought in the cake at supper this evening and Gary presented her with a card and present from everyone at MEH.
After blowing out her candles, Daniel cut up the cake so that everyone got a piece

Time to collect the 'bits of nonsense'

when Heather comes to do her ' music for health' session - she brings percussion instruments for residents to play and some sparkly shaky things, she calls her 'bits of nonsense' which can be rustled and shaken in time to the music! Philip kindly helps to collect up the bits and pieces ready for heather to pack up and leave.  Another fun afternoon was over, and now its time for  a cup of tea!!

Hester's favourite rose

hester says this is her favourite rose in the garden and asked us to take a look today - couldn't resist taking a photo and now she can have a copy on her wall!

Monday, 1 July 2013

A lovely family scene....

Just as I was driving out of meh I noticed lucille in the garden with her granddaughter and her husband with pet dog, talbot - it was such lovely scene that I asked if I could take a photo !