Tuesday, 19 March 2013

a good day for MEH

while Karen and some of the staff were away today at the annual Greensleeves Accolades Event,held this year at The Oval, our residents were busy...sonas and keep fit this morning & music for health with heather this afternoon for many of the residents.  eileen she did some flower arranging then settled down to do a jigsaw in the library, joined later by James (from school) and Mary, who wanted to play scrabble. Marise came in to make a card and Patty offered to draw a poster for us while marie and joyce went for a walk and susan went out with friends.

we  are pleased to report that the news came through in the afternoon that ....MOUNT EPHRAIM HOUSE won 'Home of the Year' 2013, judged to be best out of the 17 other Greensleeves Homes in the group.  well done Karen, you must be doing something amazing!  Sheila and Diana won a very prestigious (and well deserved) Accolade - 'Unsung Heroes' - recognizing their fantastic contribution to life at MEH, going the extra mile for residents.