Friday, 17 February 2012

afternoon tea dance

caroline and derek came to visit peggy and put on a tea dance for doreen, ann, eric, sheila, lucille, helen, phyll etc - great fun - they have promised to do it again soon..

the Gnome Show...

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didnt they do well!

ken, marie, mary and christine, were joined by some of the staff today (jemma, and di) to decorate some old prayer books from the library - we used decorative tape and stickers and everyone did an amazing job to transform some very plain covers...
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

marco and his magic tricks...

visited meh today and Iris's little visitors joined in!
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R.I.P. Diana Court

Diana passed away today - pictured here on her 98th birthday last may. She had the dubious honour of being the longest residing resident at MEH and she will be sorely missed.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

valentine's day treat.....

sheila has made some lovely cakes for afternoon tea
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topaz entertaining the residents

this was the first visit by musical duo TOPAZ to mount ephraim house and they were very well received by the residents who all voted for them to come again next month!

best seat in the house...

...and she hasn't moved all day!
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Monday, 13 February 2012

preparing for valentine's day

tomorrow is valentine's day and today we started to hang the decorated hearts (which some of residents did last week) on our 'all year round tree's'

monday's scrabble club

...............with Ann Fail. today she enticed marie, eric, susan, patty, ken, iris and helen into the dining room; joined later by Brian who comes to visit meh. there was chocolate for the winner of each team ....

monday 13th february

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afternoon recital

patricia jacobs visited meh on thursday afternoon and played a selection of 'romantic pieces' from her repertoire to entertain patty, doreen, christine, lucille, hester, phyll, audrey, helen, marie, and sheila (pictured) plus eric, marjorie, sylvia (who didnt stay for tea and cake afterwards!) a donation will be made to patricia's favourite charity by meh as a thankyou for the performance.
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collage in the making...

friday morning, gemma and di were joined by ken, jessie, madelaine, mary and christine when we started on our next collage project for meh. the theme is spring...
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