Saturday, 5 March 2011

lucille helps with the flowers...

here are some of the finished vases of flowers that Lucille helped me with friday afternoon - it took us about 2 hours !! here is lucille taking away the debris before helping to distribute the vases around the home; she was brilliant.
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bingo afternoon

all seats taken this afternoon for bingo with christianne - helen p had a lucky day and won no less than 8 times (she is banned next week!!) but in the end everyone had won at least one prize...sylvia, patti, marie, phyll, susan, grace, helen d, & doreen.

afterwards, christianne hosted a general knowledge quiz while Peggy J was receiving guests in the library, and 'breakfast at tiffany's' was showing in the lounge.
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gardeners out in force

first thing this morning - three men in full riot gear tackling the lawn! the residents watching from the lounge seemed quite bemused...
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Friday, 4 March 2011

tea at BHS

marie, patti and helen p needed to do some shopping in town, and olivia and hollie agreed to accompany them.

we visited boots and m&S then met up for tea in BHS & sat in the window to watch the world go by - and who should we see but our chef Paul with two of his children just collected from school. they are well prepared for 'red nose day' on march 18th...

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modern art!

we decided to try our hand at some 'abstract' art today (thursday) and despite a few reservations, marie, phyll and ursula joined in ... patti however preferred to work on a more conventional landscape (after she had finished off the easter cards) but it prompted some lively discussion about modern art and tracey emin in particular!
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margarets new hair style

Margaret had a restyle today at the salon; she really loved her new look!
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good hair day

Iris was happy to pose for picture - just about to have a shampoo and set in the new salon - think she was the last client of the day...

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

sonas session...

helen c, pat, margaret and jean enjoyed seeing Sue today - at the end of the session they sing goodbye to each other! then its coffee and biscuits, five minute break before the others join them for keep fit before lunch!
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more lovely flowers..

Tim helped me to collect all the flowers generously donated by sainsbury's today, and here is susan s and marie, helping to arrange them. we now have a house full of arrangements, hope they last 'til the weekend... phyll came along to help after her afternoon nap, but we had finished so she helped Patti and Iris with the easter cards instead!

Meanwhile, the residents in the lounge were watching a 'Blue Planet' video (at least some of them were) and the others were 'resting their eyes'...
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piano lessons for Karen!

karen is learning to play the piano in her spare time, and popped along to the games room today to impress us with what she's learned so far. Unfortunately, she forgot most of it and so Patti stepped in - to remind her how to play 'Happy Birthday' !!
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easter card production line..

here is the arty crafty card making team in action today - getting started on easter cards to sell at MEH! Marie and Iris designed the fronts and Patti did the lettering for the insides - a real team effort. They only stopped once we ran out of card blanks...
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Monday, 28 February 2011

fire training!

today was fire training - this was the afternoon group returning from outside MEH having taken part in a fire extinguisher demonstration!  the group stood aside to let margaret through with Hilary!

Elizabeth visited today and held  poetry reading in the library with her small group of residents.  Then Sue entertained everyone in the lounge this afternoon with 'Variety Hour' - quiz, anecdotes and music.