Saturday, 23 January 2016

Friday update

Three quarters way through January already and the time has flown by.  We've had some very changeable weather and not everyone has been able or felt like going out. Today we organised a shopping trip to the town but only Peggy Marie and Eileen braved the rain and cold to spend some money!

Sadly in January we have lost some much loved residents; Mabel, Jean h, Gloria and Audrey f. and our thoughts are with their family and friends.

There are plans to revamp and enlarge MEH and we will let you know once the plans go in as we need lots of supporting letters to make sure it happens.

Residents here have been keeping busy with drawing and colouring, keep fit and quizzes, computer lessons, choir practice,
bingo and communion, birthday tea parties and enjoying the various entertainers we have visit.  We've had a new 'smart' tv installed and once the Internet is sorted we will be able to introduce everyone to the wonderful world of 'you tube' and BBC I player!