Friday, 15 October 2010

charity raised will be published shortly

two weeks ago - the mount ephraim charity sponsored walk, on Tunbridge Wells Common. should be in 'The Courier' today...
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Thursday, 14 October 2010

the photo book

dont forget to pick up a copy of the Photo-Book from Mount Ephraim House, available from Monday - we will post one out to you if requested.
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

motivation wednesday

Cathy and/or Peter visit Mount Ephraim monthly to hold a 'motivation workshop
"Motivation & Co Kent and East Sussex provides specialist recreation and motivation classes for the elderly. Our classes are carried out in Nursing and Residential Homes and have been designed to help residents maintain or improve their emotional and physical well-being. Each class lasts one hour and includes the following four sections:
  • Stimulation and Interaction
  • Chair based exercise
  • Motivation games
  • Relaxation/Music Therapy"

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

tuesday 12th oct

on my way to work today, I stopped off to pick up our latest newsletter from the printers, and a photo -book of the garden party in July.  really pleased with the results, so thankyou to Printwells and to Claire in particular.They have been distributed to all the residents and will be sent off to everyone else on Monday. 

Sue arrived for keep fit session; we had quite a crowd there today including sue, marie, pat, doreen, margaret, helen d, helen c, robert, eric, phyll, hilda, and Dorothy.

Barbara was colouring, helen had her daughter visiting, as did gordon so they got out of it!  dympna had a friend in and Bob was engrossed in a book and I think Patty and Marion just forgot it was on!
after lunch, Phyll and Dympna checked their emails, and the others retired to the lounge to watch the Commonwealth games.

art appreciation society!

here is Phyll sketching a portrait of Patty, while Patty is sketching Dympna.

Meanwhile Dympna was just enjoying sitting in the sunny library having a chat - here she is proudly showing her latest acquisition - an original watercolour by Patty. money changed hands and Patty was very chuffed to have sold a painting, so late in her career! Dympna has always admired this picture and is thrilled to own it!
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patty gets to work...

i asked Patty if she would like to tackle one of these window decorations, using glass paints and she happily obliged.

 she has made a lovely job of it - and felt quite satisfied afterwards!

preparing for crafting...

karen and I went to Hobbycraft today to buy some bits for residents to decorate, ready for our autumn/xmas fayre, halloween and christmas.

Monday, 11 October 2010

another beautiful day

its warm and sunny again today and one of the kittens (not sure which is which) has found a perfect spot for sunbathing. we spotted her as I took Linda and Bob out in the van to Bob's appointment in town.

this morning elizabeth and Joan came to mount ephraim, gathered together a crowd of residents in the library, to chat, read poetry together and tell funny stories. susan, hilda, patty, phyll, marian, marie, pat and dorothy, enjoyed a couple of hours in their company - the sun streamed through the windows, coffee and biscuits arrived at 11am...a good start to the week.

this afternoon, the commonwealth games were again the popular choice on the tv.
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