Saturday, 19 February 2011


You don't stop laughing because  you grow old, you grow old because you stopped laughing..!!!

came across this quote (courtesy of Dyan - Art from the Heart) today and had to put it on here!  we are currently arranging 'Laughter Classes' at MEH- first one due to take place next month...

end of another week...

this was the other sketch done by Christopher White which is now featuring on our very own Mount Ephraim greeting cards! its one of the dogs ursula had painted a few years ago and he just sketched it in oil pastels.

friday is fish 'n' chips lunch, bingo in the afternoon with Christianne and opening the 'outreach' library books.

Peggy's family visited her in the library this afternoon, and over a gin and tonic they helped sort out the library - we now have 4 shelves of romantic fiction all in one place! plus of course all the poetry, classic novels, thrillers etc all together and easy to find! had hoped John would help but he is very busy working on his family history and research which he does on his own computer so he was excused!!

helen c had visitors as did dorothy b and win... the staff room was being repainted in a subtle shade of yellow and the 'new' hair salon was finished and ready for business.

next wednesday is MEH Oscars night - we have had a good response to invitations but if anyone has not yet replied please do so - we need to order enough champagne!
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Thursday, 17 February 2011

a little bit of venice

thursday 17th feb - a busy day at meh
Bill came to collect Gordon for  his first- stamp collecting
club meeting in groombridge...

hairdressing with Charity - her 'clients' pleased to see her for a chat and  fun while waiting their turn...

card making with ursula and patti - we were joined by Christopher, Ursula's son...
who did this lovely drawing using oil pastels, which we have scanned
& will use to make  cards to sell at meh!

bought new wool for marie to knit  more squares for blankets we are making for spring fayre...

lunch, then
entertainment by Jon McDevitt with
his guitar.

walk in the grounds with Dorothy F -
lovely afternoon.
lucille was out and about too.
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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

tuesday 15th feb

after keep fit (great turnout of 17 residents today!) went off to sainsburys to pick up flowers.

after lunch, marie offered to help put them into vases. she brought along her new 'take that' cd - we put in on (loud!) and got snipping.

later we were joined by Hollie after she finished her shift, and Patti who was prised away from her armchair to help!

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caption competition

here is nick being confronted on the stairs by one of the resident cats. anyone come up with a suitable caption? answers on a postcard...
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Monday, 14 February 2011

monday afternoon tea party!

we had arranged a trip to polhill today as they hold monthly tea dances in the restaurant area. here we have phyll, john, lucille and hilda accompanied by sheila and diana. it was a lovely day and our table was by the window, in the afternoon sun.

none of us got up to dance - but there were plenty of 'regulars' who did and we enjoyed watching them whilst sipping our tea!

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