Friday, 1 June 2012

scrabble in the library today...

....eric, christine and mary are taking this very seriously!

christiane is still away on holiday... Marie kindly offered to call the bingo numbers today - susan, helen, doreen, philip, patty & marian were very pleased she did so - must remember to give her a prize as she misses out when not playing herself!!

welcome Peggy...

.... to MEH. 

She enjoyed a dose of fresh air on the patio courtesy of carer Lillo today - the weather was perfect and she enjoyed the garden - ross has been busy there today planting vegetables.

reminisence coffee morning with a jubilee theme

a glass of sherry, some prompts from the reminisence boxes, and our residents enjoyed a lovely morning sharing their experiences of the day Elizabeth became Queen in 1952.  our hosts were two volunteers, new to MEH, Beth and Laura; they enjoyed their morning as much as the residents and will be back again in a few weeks time with a different topic for conversation.

getting into the jubilee weekend festivities...

we have started to decorate MEH for the jubilee weekend, with bunting, flags and balloons. we have planned a jubilee themed tea party for monday afternoon (in the garden weather permitting) which everyone is free to join in with, and on tuesday, amanda is preparing a special jubilee luncheon.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

red,white and blue...

lucille and mary's turn on the swing chair today!  have you noticed the garden lately? julian has planted up red, white and blue pots and flowers as his theme this year and the garden is looking good!

we had a manicure session first thing this morning, a good lunch and cathy from motivation got everyone......motivated this afternoon!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

tuesday 29th may

from the sublime .....john and audrey enjoying the swingseat in the garden this morning, and lillo helping grace with her knitting when she got her wool in a tangle!

'music for health' with heather today was a success - jubilee themed - but my photo's didnt come out.!

if you missed it...

click on the link above to see the piece on care homes featuring MEH -   ( its at approx 31.33 )

patty and olive enjoying the sunshine..

...on the common, overlooking the cricket ground (sadly no-one playing today!)  marie, joyce and mary f had raced on ahead for their afternoon constitutional and we were later joined by marian ...

Happy Birthday Karen

it was Karen's birthday today, Amanda had made her a cake and staff and residents joined together to sing Happy Birthday and present her with a card and flowers.

10 year service awards...

...were presented to Hilary and Tim today at a special lunchtime ceremony by Kate James, the Chief Executive of Greensleeves Homes Trust.