Thursday, 17 October 2013


Patricia came to play for us today, a lovely classical selection... After the Zumba routine at 2 it was at welcome relief



Communion today in the library, more shell painting in the games room and motivation class with Cathy ... Mary had a go on the drums and 5 of our school volunteers came along this afternoon to spend time with residents....

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Busy Tuesday...

... With sonas, keep fit and a researcher from itv coming to talk to patty. Peggy started on her next project, painting seashells and Eileen started a new jigsaw.
Marie, Philip and lucille went for their morning walks but there is a definite nip in the air today. Heather arrived this afternoon for her 'music for health' session and it was not only well attended but we couldn't fit anyone else in!

Went around the garden this afternoon and took lots of autumn snaps!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday, the weeks starts...

with Joan visiting the residents in the library for poetry reading and gossiping over coffee and biscuits! quite a crowd in the library today, nearly ran out of seats!

after lunch it was Variety Hour with Sue - she had some quizzes and games to make the afternoon fun before tea.  Eileen and Hester waited for the session to finish and then I took them to the town ... Eileen had an errand to attend to and Hester needed to stock up on greeting cards in her favourite shop in the old high street.  we met up in a lovely café (part of Christchurch) and bumped into Vivienne who was pleased to see us!! (hello Vivienne if you are reading this!)

Manna is a café with a difference; they give all their profits to charity and justice causes and are involved in the 'suspended coffees' movement.  you can purchase something from the menu in advance for someone in need - it will then be 'suspended' and saved for a vulnerable person who would appreciate being looked after.

Eileen and Hester were really impressed with the presentation of  tea on the trays....

joan and Karen catch up after the morning session in the library, joined by the 'other cat' !!
she is as pretty as her sister............