Friday, 10 June 2011

visit from the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP

we invited Greg Clark to visit MEH today - just over a year since he came to see us before the election - to answer residents questions on how the government is doing so far; quite a range of topics, from the future of care home provision to the war in Afghanistan.

He answered them all fully to the satisfaction of his very appreciative audience, and then posed for some photos afterwards!

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

patty goes gardening!

time to pick some of the produce for supper tonight - patty offered to help sharon pull some beetroot, lettuce and some radishes. its lovely to have our very own fresh veg and patty (being a keen gardener all her life) was happy to get involved. now, we must get her a hoe.....
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new book club starts this week

when I came along to take some photo's of the latest members of the new book club which started today I noticed a distinct lack of books! however, this was just the introduction session when everyone decided what books there were going to read and discuss next time. patty, marie, phyll, iris, sheila and eric were the first to sign up and we are hoping more members join in two weeks time.
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helping with the menu's

margaret, jean and hilda offered to help me with changing the menu's for the start of the week and were rewarded with a chocolate bar!!
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marion's stint in the office!

Marion remarked that she had not appeared in the blog recently so thought we had better rectify the situation!
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the Art Studio has arrived

the art studio was erected on friday by the chaps from 'sheds' - it just needs some floor covering and the walls clad and then it will be fitted out ready for art classes etc. sadly it was raining yesterday so the pictures were taken from indoors. we will be arranging a grand opening ceremony as soon as the work is finished; watch this space!
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As part of our celebrating 'food glorious food' week in June we started with an art and craft class run by Julie - making marzipan fruits! everyone agreed it was great fun, and very relaxing - mixing the colours and moulding the marzipan into fruit and veg shapes.

the ones that didn't get eaten during the class, ended up on the platter to make a lovely display!

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