Saturday, 15 June 2013

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mary in the garden

this photo was taken for Mary's granddaughter - as she is interested in all things flora.

In the garden

a lovely display of flowers on the patio - mary f, peggy and mary p (with her family) came to sit outside friday afternoon, enjoying the sunshine while Christiane called the numbers for bingo in the games room (we couldn't persuade patty, Helen, susan, Philip or marie to play outside!)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Knit and natter!

our new 'knit and natter' group in the library today, all looking very serious. mary p came to join in but was soon whisked away by a friend coming to visit...

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Patricia at the Piano

the photo on our new facebook page of Patricia's visit was not a very good one so I am not re-producing it here!  Patricia kindly came to play her favourite classical pieces to a very appreciative audience in the lounge (much more comfortable now that we have moved the piano) this afternoon and she finished just as the tea and biscuits arrived.

I then took her home and gave Hester a lift  to an appointment; by the time we got back, supper was about to be served and so I didn't get a chance to sit with Mary P and show her the messages that came yesterday (my day off) so ive promised her she will be first on the list tomorrow morning!


 Hazel's birthday today- the family came to visit.

hairdresser, charity, was in the salon all day working hard and the chiropodist was around too.  still raining, so no coffee on the patio today. 

upon arrival this morning, I was handed a sheet of paper with a poem written on it entitled - The Cats of Mount Ephraim- created yesterday apparently during poetry club with Annette and Mary; my job was to type it up and after a couple of false starts (! )here it is...

The Cats of Mount Ephraim


Oh! what a lovely life they lead,

twenty-four-seven, they sleep and feed.

The morning, they spend in a comfy chair,

if the weather is sunny, they take the fresh air.


Loved by the residents and all of the staff,

de-flea’d and de-wormed, but not up for a bath!

If no-one is watching, they sneak into lunch,

any food on the floor, they will eagerly munch.


Ellie and Bess, Mount Ephraim, they rule,

life without them would not be so cool.

We will stroke them and fuss them both, every day,

for at Mount Ephraim, The Cats, they forever must stay!


Poem by:

Patty, Marie, Phyl, Mary P and Mary D

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesday ....

After keep fit and lunch, patty,Mary p, lucille retired to the library. Peggy,Marie and Mary f went to the cinema to see Liberace film at odeon tun wells ....

a stunning display of 'pick n mix'


Patchwork ...a work in progress!

Sheila and Di brought the patchwork in to show me today- its still a 'work in progress' but it is looking stunning.  it was the residents' idea to use octagonal shapes (which is really tricky) and now its all tacked together the next stage is sewing it all together!  the girls hope to have it finished in time for the summer garden party (craft stall) fingers crossed...

Monday, 10 June 2013


Nikita's first day back at work after maternity leave; everyone was pleased to see her and it was almost like she had never been away!

sorry about the photo Nikita I was trying to find one with you and baby Evie.... still looking!

Monday -another busy start to the week

Monday started with interview panel - residents and senior staff interview prospective new staff and today we had applicants for carer and kitchen positions. marie, phyl and Eileen made up the panel this morning and peggy joined this afternoon in place of Eileen who was busy

Elizabeth and joan came to entertain residents in the library - over coffee, they recite poetry and read favourite passages and anecdotes - lots of laughter could be heard this morning...denis, marise, mary p and others, enjoy this fun start to the week.

mary f was out shopping and lunch with jenny and roy, and susan took communion.  ive been taking lots of photo's today of the garden - the mosaics were done by some of the residents a few months ago and I thought they would look nice along the wall.  Julian has put out some old butler sinks for residents to plant up with flowers - patty has decided on hers and we need to go to the garden centre soon to buy them.

after lunch, peggy continued to work on her collage (sorry no photo yet) patty got to work on her colouring and marise, mary and phyl came in for a chat.  Eileen is helping to sort out the library and we have made some progress today...then Lucille arrived to water her pots!  the water butt is full at the moment and makes life easier to fill the watering cans.

Garden chores

Marise braves the cold!


brave marise agreed to pose on the patio so I could show her the photo on the blog instantly- she is well impressed!

The sun has gone in...

And so have the residents!


Patty keeping awake

Here is party doing some colouring to keep her awake she says - its been a busy day!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Just testing

We now have an iPod and this is an experiment see how easy it is to update the blog! this is a picture of my laptop, with essential supplies to keep me going!

the ipod was a prize from SIMPLY UNITE to Mount Ephraim House for winning 'HOME OF THE YEAR' award and its only taken me about 6 weeks to get the hang of it!  we can take photos of the residents and instantly send them to their relatives too... if you have an ipod/ipad or iphone..let us know and we can send photos etc directly to you.