Friday, 2 January 2015

Welcome to 2015

We welcomed in the new year with Derek on piano and said a prayer for Marise and Pru who passed away, peacefully this week. They will be greatly missed by all who knew them. 


Tea at the skating rink ....

Marie and Eileen went along to watch the skaters in calverley park today - couldn't persuade them onto the ice but we did stop for a lovely cup of tea at #thesaltbeefco chalet.  

We stayed to watch the ice being prepared for a new session before making our way back to MEH and a warm welcome.

Bert does tunbridge wells ...


Colin,  founder of Wings of Freedom paid a visit today to MEH and brought along Bert the tawny owl and a beautiful eagle owl

The residents were enthralled by their beauty and amazing characters !  Colin spent over two hours at the home, answering questions and making sure everyone who wanted to handled one or both of the birds of prey, a unique experience for all of us.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 - another year over....!

It has been a year of laughter and sadness, goodbyes and hello's, but never a dull moment.

taking a moment to remember with affection those who have passed away - Win, Connie, Mary F, Helen C, Olive, Grace, Mary H, Helen P, Susan, Jean, Dorothy, Henry and Martina - all missed but not forgotten.

Monday, 29 December 2014

happy christmas 2014 at Mount Ephraim House

starting with sherry, bucks fizz and mince pies in the morning, Mummy Santa (aka Sarah) brought in all the presents for the christmas elves to distribute amongst the residents and guests;  then it was Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, crackers and wine and a few corny jokes!

after the Queen's speech everyone settled down for some entertainment, courtesy of the Karaoke machine, and some fine singing from residents and staff - Mary even started off the dancing!

thank you to Vivienne who hosted Christmas lunch and to our visitors and guests who helped make Christmas special for the residents of MEH.  Of course none of it would be possible without the Care staff who postponed their family Christmas to make sure the residents enjoyed theirs.  all over for another year.....

Karen Cooper, wrap star.........

Manager Karen, arrived at work early Christmas morning to find her office completely under cover! the staff had crept in at dead of night to wrap everything in sight - filing cupboards, desk and chair, even the door to her office! arranged on top of the desk were Christmas presents, cakes and goodies. if anything was going to stop her working for at least one day of the year, the staff were determined to do it!   nothing else for it but to pour the bucks fizz and join in the fun.