Saturday, 21 May 2011

happy birthday week!

Birthdays this week were celebrated by Marise, Win, Phyll and Diana - pictures to follow!  Happy Birthday to you; hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed the birthday cake(s)!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

trip to tonbridge

although our trip to the spa valley railway was postponed, we went out to tonbridge instead - John wanted to visit a bookshop, Marie and Helen were happy to browse and phyll had some shopping to do.  we met up in the Henry Bean a lovely weatherspoons establishment on the high street before heading back before the rush hour.  

a busy morning with keep fit and art and craft...

While a keep fit to music class was going on in the dining room, julie came today to help residents with the wall hanging that we started some weeks ago. quite a few people have had a hand in putting this collage together - from painting flowers, sewing flowers, fraying the fabric etc. today - dorothy f, peggy j, marie, and patty were happy to supply the finishing touches...we will unveil it in the dining room very soon.
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garden continues to flourish!

an update on the new veg patch and back garden... a couple of residents have expressed a desire to help with the hoeing - are you listening Julian???
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