Friday, 24 December 2010


Karen received this letter today from two of our lovely guests and wanted to share it with everyone as she feels very proud today...


To All the Staff:

Well done to everyone for all their efforts to make the Christmas Party such a success. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended, visitors and residents alike.

As ever it was not just the renowned Mount Ephraim House hospitality that impressed. More importantly, it was a further reminder of what makes Mount Ephraim House, in our opinion, absolutely unique – the total care and level of concern of all the staff for the residents in their charge. Not just providing the basic necessities but “going that extra mile” that convinces all of them that they are, in fact, “home”.

Just watching you all providing that special care for each and everyone of them puts most – if not all – of us to shame. We just don’t have what it takes, that special something, that you all seem to assume as normal.

Don’t let anyone EVER say that you are “just carers”. You’re top of the heap, one in a million – and it’s plainly obvious to anyone privileged to watch you work.

And well done to the management for getting it right. It’s not easy.

Best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year.

Mick and Carolyn Belcham

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

meh party 2010

a few portraits on the night! it was a lovely party, super food, plenty of booze and music provided by the fabulous doug wake. thanks Karen!!

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

father christmas...

discovered father christmas up on top of the fireplace at meh today, just needs a few presents to distribute!
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Monday, 20 December 2010

review of the year cont'd...

we have had an eventful year at meh, starting off with a visit to the panto in january, johan strauss concert at the assembly hall, celebrated chinese new year in feb, easter celebrations in march, trips to the theatre, art galleries, trinity theatre in april, silver surfers day in may,'music in the air' in june, our garden party in july, party in the park in august, plus river boat trips, day out in eastbourne; sketching on the common in september and trip to burrswood, and in october it was the sponsored walk, autumn fayre and our golf day, finishing with halloween celebrations. november we celebrated bonfire night and visiting the new M&S, trips to local garden centres, a slot on local radio and award ceremonies.

In december, we have been visited by the rotary club carol singers, tunbridge wells boys school choir, and our usual activities - singing, dancing, computers, art and craft and bingo!

some of the staff have been especially celebrated this year with shortlisted nominations for Diana in housekeeping, paul the chef, & daisy and tracey on the care team. We also won an award for Innovation for our introduction of the simply unite computer system in the home, which we hope to extend next year. Nikita was shortlisted for carer of the year in the Reed business awards, and Karen was nominated for care manager of the year; all well deserved recognitions of people doing an excellent job.

We also held the first ever Residents Awards Evening, recognizing the unique talents and contributions from some special residents!

Looking forward to the Mount Ephraim christmas party and christmas celebrations...
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review of the year

cant get to work today because of the snow, so I have been reviewing the events and photos of the past year at meh. there have been many memorable days, lots going on and here is a collage of some of them!
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