Friday, 15 July 2011

tea party at elizabeth's

our lovely monday volunteers, Elizabeth and Joan, hosted an amazing tea party today at elizabeth's house - when we arrived, cold drinks were served in the garden and then it was time for tea.

scones and jam and cream, freshly picked strawberries and raspberries, homemade meringues and gorgeous cakes...perfect summer afternoon...

a big thankyou to our hosts.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

in and out at meh

busy day at meh -
hairdresser was in,
dorothy was out walking,
marise was peeping out from her window,
the work experience girls accompanied residents out in the garden for a chat and some sun worshipping,
patty was in the art studio sketching,
a dvd of Bertie and Elizabeth was showing in the lounge (which grace loved)
hester came for a trip into town with me and
val arrived at 2pm for the twice monthly computer lesson - today she showed the residents how to access Twitter and show them what its all about!
hollie came in (on her day off) to look after the chickens
and there was liver and bacon for lunch...
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

art today

patty, phyll and lucille were sketching in the art studio this afternoon, while sylvia and marian occupied the library seeking inspiration and marie was busy making cards with olivia (one of our volunteers) for our forthcoming summer fayre.
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karen sees to the chickens...

in her new dungarees!
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Monday, 11 July 2011

art on the patio today

while the reminisence session with sue was taking place in the lounge, with win, pat, helen d, helen c, grace, gordon, marie, doreen etc taking part, patty, phyll, sylvia and phyll were out on the patio in the afternoon sunshine.

patty had a surprise visit from her family today and they posed for a few photo's.
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the garden today...

...looked so lovely!
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