Friday, 19 April 2013

farewell... Biggi,Svala,Maria,Bee,Dalila, linda and bd, wishing you a safe journey, hope you enjoyed your stay...

Last lunch...

Fish n chips were on the menu today a very English meal to say farewell to our visitors from Iceland; they all enjoyed it very much!

Icelandic exchange

Thursday, 18 April 2013

eric's memorial

following Eric's funeral on monday, we hosted a tea-party in his memory, so that all the residents could pay their respects and remember eric, swop stories and look at his photographs..
we were joined by his friends, Vivienne, Anne and David.  A special  prayer for was said for Eric by Anne and we celebrated his life. 

choir practise!

residents and staff had expressed a desire to form a choir at MEH and their wish was granted - with the help of Tony and Patsy who arrived yesterday afternoon with a keyboard and music...
they taught the residents four songs - and tony said he was impressed!  he is coming again in a few weeks time and has asked everyone to practise meanwhile !!

Monday, 15 April 2013


Eric Larkin was a much loved resident at
Mount Ephraim House.  He was humorous, kind and thoughtful; he fed the birds, he bought garden furniture for the residents to enjoy, he loved dancing and was popular with the ladies; he went to church regularly, enjoyed bingo and a game of scrabble.....He loved sheepdogs, a pint of beer, reading the paper, chocolate and classical music...!  He will be sorely missed. R.I.P.
His funeral took place today at the Tunbridge Wells Crematorium.

Celebrating 58 years of McDonalds!!

the first franchised McDonalds was opened in Illinois on april 15th 1955 by Ray Kroc.  today is their 58th birthday, so we decided to have a celebration of our own.  we had planned to take some residents to the restaurant on north farm trading estate, but instead, we opted to bring McDonalds to the residents!

Marie accompanied me with the food list and sheila and di laid up the table in the games room.  we had fun with the 'free' toys in our happy meal boxes but first prize must go to Peggy for the longest shot!

good fun today, ronald would be proud...

mary, peggy, marie, and marise were joined by di, sheila, me and heidi... it was the first time some of the residents had eaten a mcdonalds; never too late for a new experience!!