Saturday, 23 October 2010

helen wins the jackpot!

Christiane came to call the numbers today, and was joined by helen of troy, lady helen, susan h.s, phyll, marie, bob, doreen, ursula; everyone won a prize (eventually) with crunchies being the most popular!!

karen heard today that 3 of her staff have been shortlisted for a prestigious 'care award' namely Tracey (carer of the year) Diana (ancillary worker) and Paul (chef) - she has ordered the limo already!
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keeping everyone happy...

Pat offered to paint some of the halloween decorations

daisy brings round the tea trolley (highlight of the afternoon!)

margaret certainly looks pleased to have her cup of tea

and Patty gets a visit from Bella (or is it Bess?)
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an audience with ...

Patricia Jacobs visited today to play a selection of music especially for Robert.
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barbara enjoying her art

Barbara prefers art to dance class!
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Friday, 22 October 2010

first thing friday!

we usually start off friday morning with a dance class at 10.30 with Becca.

today there was a good crowd - phyll, pat, helen, patty, win, helen d, doreen,
they begin with sitting down exercises (warming up) then progress to learning steps for a dance. Its good fun and wakes everyone up!
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Thursday, 21 October 2010

laptop fun

Another first for Iris - here she is learning to play a word game with one of our volunteers Julia.
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laptop games

Val came today to tutor our residents in the use of laptops - teaching them the fun side of technology - this is the first time patty has come along to this class (she knows how to use the 'simply unite' system) but here she was learning how to play a word game.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

the staff are very helpful

helen and hilda were being tempted by some special offers on christmas biscuits, but they held firm and resisted...

the cafe is very nice, and the staff very friendly (i did warn this cheeky chap he would be appearing on our blog this evening but im not sure if he knew what i was talking about)

karen liked the decor in the cafe, so ive taken some photos to remind us - she is going to find out if we can get some of the items for our dining room!
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the new M&S

tuesday afternoon, trip out to the new M&S store in Tunbridge Wells.

the christmas displays and decorations are gorgeous and inspirational!
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Monday, 18 October 2010

monday afternoon

busy day today, joan came to read poetry etc this morning, while the art & craft session was taking place in another room; then lunch and at 3.30 Sue came to do her regular fortnightly 'reminisence' class.

Patty offered to help me with my filing, so I gave her a pile of papers and a box of plastic wallets and she was happily working away for a couple of hours; my new 'girl monday' -

final date of the day was a musician called Neil Colledge who brought along his keyboard and kept our residents entertained with some lovely music, singing and funny story telling up until supper time.

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monday morning...

art & craft session today with Julie; we are getting products ready for our autumn/xmas fayre on 28th october.

sneek preview of one of the brooches our residents have made, from real felt. they even made the felt squares from marino wool. these brooches are soft to the touch and right 'on trend' for this season! Julie is modelling this one, but she asked me not to get her in the picture, just the brooch!
some of the other products made by the residents - left is a 'decopatched' cat done by Marie.

below is one of the felt bead necklaces, packaged by Julie - it looks really professional.
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