Saturday, 22 January 2011

shopping trip

to round off the week we arranged a shopping trip to Barsley's in Paddock Wood as we heard a sale was on! 
Phyll, lucille, helen p, gordon, john, marie and marion decided to come and spend their money and Christane (one of our volunteers) accompanied us.  we had tea in their friendly cafe (customer service in barsley's is exceptional) and got back before the rush hour.

coffee break!

after the dance class today, beccy posed for photo's with some of her star 'pupils', having their well deserved coffee break - the others got away once they saw the camera!!

here is peggy, pat, ursula and marjorie. win, margaret, phyll, helen and grace also took part. classes move to a wednesday morning from next week.
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Thursday, 20 January 2011

thursday 20th jan

Finalizing the newsletter today with Claire at Printwells; should be ready to send out next week.  Also planning the Oscar's Party and you should be receiving your invitation with the newsletter!

Charity was in today, styling the residents hair, then it was liver and bacon for lunch, and a regular entertainer, Jon McDevitt came to play guitar in the lounge to an enthusiastic audience. Jon says MEH is one of his favourite homes to visit as everyone is so welcoming and appreciative!

Meanwhile, down in the library,Marian beat me at scrabble -  with Hollie keeping score, and Patty was busy with pen and ink doing some calligraphy for the dining room.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

more flowers today!

We received another lovely batch of flowers from sainsbury's today and this time my helpers were Madge, Peggy and Ursula.

we filled another dozen vases to put around the home; these lovely pink flowers Madge wanted for her room - she was thrilled with them!
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

tuesday 18th jan

lovely sunny crisp day today, marie and dorothy went for a nice walk this morning (we couldn't persuade anyone else to venture out!) and came back glowing.  it was a busy day for visitors - lots of residents seeing their family and friends.  after lunch there was a film show in the lounge, 'ladies in lavender' starring judi dench.  its such a nice film and although some residents have seen it before, they were more than happy to watch it again.

nikita working hard...

meanwhile, nikita was working away in the office, so hollie snapped a picture without her even noticing - she was so engrossed!
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a new game..

we had a delivery today of some new games - one of them was a card game called 'trades' which was good fun - patty,jean, hollie and I had go.
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patty is checking the blog..

Patty was answering her emails today; including one from Canada - her niece checks the blog regularly, so Patty decided to have a look to see what she has been up to lately!! Hollie, one of the new carers at MEH, is reading along with Patty...
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tea time...

tea time at mount ephraim, a welcome sight in the middle of the afternoon! here is jean helping herself to a slice of cake (homemade of course!)
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Monday, 17 January 2011

a sneak peek of the results

this is just a taster of some of the art that was produced today, using paint, sponges, large brushes and stamps. the gorgeous silk background was given to us by patty's daughter and it sets off the work brilliantly. there is still a way to go before this wall hanging is finished so watch this space...
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art class monday

Our talented art therapy teacher who visits once a month, came today to interest our residents in abstract art - the idea being to get everyone together to produce a collage for our dining room. the theme is flowers, using fabric and paper.

Monday's are also the day that our volunteers elizabeth and joan come to read and chat but today they joined in with the art class, gently encouraging those who are not quite sure about 'modern art'!
once everyone had relaxed a bit and lost their inhibitions, some really good stuff was produced... and they should be very proud of themselves.
here we have susan, pat, doroth with julie and joan, then below, is marie, patty with volunteer elizabeth.
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