Friday, 8 October 2010

a fruitful outing

Marie and Marian were presented with the prize fruit basket!
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charity golf day fri 8th october

golf day at Nizels to raise money for the residents amenity fund.
could not have wished for better weather. lovely course, lovely people.

winners were 'the club captains' team, with an impressive score of 86. Karen & Hannah presented them with winners medals and their prizes.

with an overall score of 48, sadly the Captain Klutz team won the loser's cup, a packet of plasters and a 'keep calm, carry on' mini poster.

Marie and Marian came along to the 'prize giving' accompanied by Christiane.

they helped to sell raffle tickets, and invited everyone along to the annual mount ephraim residents' christmas party!
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touch screen computing

Patty received an email today and Jo sat down with her to compose a reply. the screen is quite sensative and sometimes letters appear at the slightest touch! some of patty's words were quite amusing and made her laugh out loud! think she managed to finish the message and press send eventually!
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lads lunch out...

Tim took Eric and Gordon out to the local pub for lunch today - as you see from the bill a cheap date due to the fact that the service was so slow the pub knocked £30 off the total price!
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summerhouse refurbishment

the summerhouse refurbishment is underway - JJ is on the roof - we like the colour.

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thursday again!

our new volunteer, Julia came today - she went and chatted to Rose for a while and later set up a scrabble session in the dining room - madge, helen of troy and robert in attendance.

this looks quite serious, hope there are no rude words!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

tuesday 5th october

we planned a trip to the home of Patricia Jacobs'  for a piano recital - eric, marie, phyll, doreen, sylvia, marjorie and patty - made the short journey this afternoon where we received a warm welcome from Patricia.  She had designed a programme of lovely pieces, from Schubert to Chopin and afterwards served tea and homemade biscuits.  delightful and much appreciated.  forgot to take the camera so no pictures of the event sadly.

"just had my manicure"

 Catherine the manicurist visited today - here is Pat showing off her lovely pink nails. She was last on the client list today - just in time for lunch.

its lunch time - get the drinks trolley!

our residents enjoy a tipple with their lunch - the trolley is well stocked with everyone's favourite drink (just the one, mind!)
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Monday, 4 October 2010

Mount Ephraim??

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end of another day

as I drove out of mount ephraim house this evening, the sky looked amazing - like a range of mountains in the distance with the sun peeking over the top. i looked for somewhere to stop and take a photo, ending up in sainsbury's car park to take this photo!!

left the residents having their supper (duck spring rolls with hoi sin dipping sauce tonight!)

its been another busy day, with the art and craft this morning, messages on the computer for patty and phyll, trip to M&S for diana, visitors for doreen...

elizabeth told the residents about a poetry reading on radio 7 this afternoon; for the others there was coverage of the Commonwealth Games to watch...
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some of the necklaces we felt you'd like to see

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everyone felt they had a good time...

quite a crowd today, teacher Julie, with volunteers elizabeth and joan assisting, marie, helen p and helen c, plus phyll, marian, marie, susan, patty, dorothy f, ursula and pat.
after the felt pieces had been made, julie brought out the felt beads the ladies had made last time - they were now ready to thread and make into necklaces (for the christmas fayre)
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a felt plus day!

julie brought in all this lovely marino wool, and showed our residents how to make it into felt pieces - the colour combinations were chosen by the ladies themselves and they all look gorgeous.

from this...

to this...

and eventually....

it will become this! Julie took home the squares of felt to dry and she will return in a couple of weeks time so that our ladies can turn the pieces into butterflies. look out for them at the mount ephraim christmas fayre.
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