Saturday, 7 March 2015

Friday 6th march

Another glorious spring day, and the knitters gathered in the library ... We've decided to make cushions now instead of blankets and Marie had a stack of lovely pastel squares for joining together. 

Christina's knitting skills are coming on well too!  During coffee Pam arrived with Thomas the 'pat' dog and began his tour of the home visiting all his favourite people!
This afternoon Derek came to play piano in the lounge, Christiane held the weekly bingo session and katerina made a cake with Anne and Joan, using the eggs she had 'blown' from their shells!   While the cake was in the oven, katerina helped Anne to paint the shells ready for Easter decoration finishing touches next week. 

Jean, Margaret, Gloria and Eileen w helped with some flower arranging; we were given several lovely bunches of spring flowers from Vera, who stayed with us last week, as a thank you,
and I think the ladies enjoyed the task !

Friday, 6 March 2015

Beautiful spring flowers

Glorious day today; took Eileen for a quick visit to sainsburys while Peggy was shopping in Tonbridge with Denise.

After parking the van we stopped to admire the pretty spring flowers growing around the summer house.  Eileen remembers this was one of the first sights that greeted her as she came to live at meh 2 years ago this week!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

February - coming and going

February came and went in a flash....shrove Tuesday, valentines day, Chinese New Year ( any excuse for a celebration) signs of spring in the garden, making preparations for Easter....

We were so sad to lose Iris and Marjorie who have been a part of MEH for so long and we will miss them very much.

Bridget came to live with us earlier in the month and we are looking forward to getting to know her.  

Last week the tun wells half marathon took place; one of the runners was David storer (grandson of the late Mary p) who dedicated his run to her memory and has raised money for activities at meh for which we are very grateful.

St David's day...

1st march we celebrate at David's day - even more so this year as we have a new resident come to live with us who is welsh - hope she feels at home and will enjoy being part of life at MEH.

Tuesday art and craft

With jenny and Roy... Starting on the Easter decorations already, how time flies

busy in the craft room, homemade lemon cake with tea and a gorgeous blanket made by jenny as a gift for Gordon ...

Half marathon run for meh