Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sunny start to the week

John was happy to pot some seeds in the sunshine today .... Nancy came out for a walk later but it had turned very chilly by then!   We picked lots of pretty mini daffs for the Home too.  Elizabeth and Joan made their weekly visit to provide a bit of culture and Rita's regular Monday chats with the residents always welcome. Sue's Variety Hour was testing the residents knowledge of films and old TV programmes and their recall was impressive.  We had a session of 'open the box' after tea today - a box provided by the local library containing all sorts of nostalgia. Marie enjoyed the 50's scrapbook and patty got engrossed in an old magazine....must remember to return it to the box tomorrow.  We would have played the 50's cd but there was a programme on with the Queen at Westminster Abbey for commonwealth day so it will have to wait! 

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